Friday, 2 August 2013


Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observer has made a public announcement and he is calling out 'Dutchsinse' due to the activity that he has been involved in against Ben and his family. In the video that Ben made he mentions 'Lacing them Up' and in 2011,  I received a dream about 'lace'.


'Then there was different cameo and I was in a shop looking at lace trim, I picked up pink and white, then just white, then I went back to the pink lacework on white.' 

In that blog post I mention the 'Apples and Pears' that is a cockney saying for 'Stairs'. Today there was a chemical incident reported near the 104 marble steps in Edinburgh. [1]  Prophet Isaiah said that the steps were a sign! In the original blog from 2011, this message was also posted. 

'The LORD God said 'THE POOL'. Then he reminded me about a dream that I had this morning, then he said 'SCHNAPPS'. [2] 

What do they drink in Holland? Schnapps! 

The original blog post also mentioned St James, and Spain. The recent train crash in Spain was in the area of St James, and they were preparing a meal for the feast day of St James for the passengers when the crash happened. 

So what is the significance of the pool? Its about divine purpose, and it can relate to the pool of Shiloh.

Now as far as what else Ben Davidson had to say, this was my response: 

I felt his heartfelt message; and I feel his real concern for his family that he will defend. SO, has become a powerful force of manifestation. Hence, Ben's light of truth and the professionalism of SO, triggered what Dutchsinse holds within himself. Especially now, as Ben is moving from it being a hobby to making it his full time job. 

The professional lawyer has already admitted that this is a vulnerable time for him, as he goes through the life and career change. For us elders that had already made that change, we comprehend fully how he feels about it in this timeline.

I feel sincerity of Ben, and I comprehend what he has experienced from some of those that have been involved in the CT community.
 Especially those from the USA. 

Ben's pure intent is to help, he always says 'Stay safe every one' at the end of his videos with love and sincerity in his voice.

The biblical prophecies do speak of people that have responded like Dutch to others. The bible tells the Christians not to be 'Jealous' of the Jews, and it tells the Jewish not to be 'hostile' to the Christians.

The Jewish prophets understood the sheer importance for unity required in this timeline.

I am sure that SO would have helped Dutch if he had ever asked for help. However, Dutch let his own issues get the better of him, and now he must seek within for the reasons why he stood against Ben in such a way. Its time for the CT community to comprehend that there is an internet law in place, and they cannot continue to do what they do to stop others sharing truth.

You see in Joel 2, those that are of real love and light, the spiritually elect do not stand in each others way, we cross the new frontiers together. Hand in hand, side by side, a united force.

We know that everyone has a reason for being, and we honor the right to be unique in divine mission. 

After I had finished writing the above, the heavenly Father sounded really pleased. He said 'This is Olympic', and as we know there are Olympic sized swimming pools. 

I wish Ben, and Suspicious Observers success with the website and the expansion of his work.




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