Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lotus Feet 22

I am just testing this new design and blog to see how it feels. It is time as the LORD said 'Concentrate on the good'. There have been many phases of the divine plan in my life, it began with the spiritual and it ends with the spiritual and the people that are willing to heal their own consciousness with the help of others when they require it or are led by Spirit to it.

Spiritual psychology encompasses many realities including divine realities. It includes the healing arts in all of their forms and aspects. In addition, in spiritual psychology there is room for cutting edge science, the latest in biology. Ancient prophecies and everything that a spiritual person is aligned to on their spiritual journey through this major transition of humanity that humanity are experiencing.

'Self-development is teaching the soul to fly' Sacred Words 

In recent weeks people have also been asking for healing modalities that were offered in the past. Those people have been referred to practitioners that were trained by yours truly a decade ago.


This is also a time of being a 'Health detective', a 'Private Detective', to get to the root causes of the core issues that humanity find itself engaged with. Not only within yourselves with your own consciousness, natures, but also with nurture and environment.

Of course environment also includes what governments are doing to the people themselves. Privacy can  also be another issue' and we will discussing privacy laws that have been buried and the UN Children's Charter that defends children and their bedrooms as well. Due to the British government contravening the law. Not only UN Privacy law, but the spiritual law and the everlasting covenant for the children to defend their freedom and health.

If you are wondering why the blog address is 'Lotus Feet 22' it is because other names were not available. Some people also know me as 'Lotus Feet' and it was the name given to me by Jesus Christ after my return from Israel in 2006. A painting of my feet from 2012.


The greatest freedom is the freedom to be who are and who you were born to be. To express what has to be expressed to help others in this timeline. There is perfection in life; when people align themselves with it. There is holiness that comes to be with purification of consciousness.

The number 22 refers to the divine feminine and it was in 2004 that we first advised spiritual people that the planet had moved into Master 22 energies on the 22nd of May, 2004. That was also the year of the second harmonic concordance Toni and I were sent to England's Nazareth to celebrate it and carry out harmonic epiphany.

In addition, the heavenly Father gave me a message with the number 22 and he said 'ICE CAPS 22' as such, it is very important that we prepare our people so that they comprehend what is happening on this planet at this time and the reason why.

The Spiritual Psychology website came to be after Melchizedek called me a 'Spiritual Psychologist' and it embraces a few selected modalities that I was guided to on the spiritual journey home. After the website was designed and put in place, I was sent to Israel for the first time, and into the global crisis of world events. Hence the lovely flame on the blog, for it is the flame of Joseph mentioned in the biblical prophecies.

I once met a wonderful man and he explained that the light of my flame would never get blown out. At that time the soul searching and spiritual journey took flight, I began to find my angelic wings. Many decades ago now, a lot to share.

Spiritual psychology is about 'energizing people to innovate change' in their lives; with the help of others that have already walked the path that others are approaching. At the end of the day, no man is an island and all require help and support at this time of major transition.

It does take a willingness to listen, to hear, to comprehend and to integrate the wisdom that you can learn from yourselves. However, a helping hand is here with the Lotus Feet that knows how to walk the path home in integrity, uprightness and righteousness.

'The meaning of life is to work out the meaning of life, healing is the get out of jail card, healing is the path of salvation and love is the way.' from Sacred Words

In recent years I have also encountered some health issues that are related to menopause; and I am sure that we will be discussing some of that here as we move along together.

As we know there are also financial issues that many are encountering due to what governments are doing to the people at this point in time. It is the sober decade, the mean time, it is also the time of the 'shattering' of that which no longer serves humanity in a healthy way. Good health is the greatest wealth, for what choices do you have if your being is limited by the health issues that a person encounters?

I am a human rights activist, I care deeply and fully for humanity. I am also a remote viewer and receive visions and messages that I share with the people. I began painting in the summer of 2012, and the glory of for healing is an added bonus. I shall share some of the artwork with you on the blog, the paintings are good for healing and helping people to heal.

The name ELIAKIM was given to me by the LORD. Joseph and Sophia are to do with my ancestry. That is a short explanation for you at this point in time to explain why.

Lotus Feet is my true nature.

A spiritual psychologist is a health detective, they are also a defender of humanity and their health. They comprehend the spiritual laws of the cosmos and the science of the being.

So let us begin this new phase and new blog with joy in our hearts. The motto of prudence is that 'Where there is a will, there is a way', we will get through this together. United we stand in alignment with the divine plan.

Love beyond measure and blessings in abundance

I hope that you like the new blog.



  1. I am an attorney appointed by the probate court as a guardian ad litem assigned to find the heirs of Michael M through his father. If you can help me please call.ARHirons 770-424-9343 Marietta Thank you

  2. Thank you for contacting me Allen. Can justice be done for Michael? Tell me this Allen, why didn't the American police force do what was upright when his Lady contacted them? Why did they not investigate why an incredibly wealthy man, was living in such poverty? Why did they not investigate the criminal negligence and corporate manslaughter?

    I recommend that you read this blog for starters.



  3. Michael's Plans prior to the 'Constructive Manslaughter'.